American Audiences Deliver Early Christmas Gift at Box Office

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Thank you citizens of the good ol’ US of A. Thank you for ignoring the dreck Hollywood rolled out at the movies this weekend. Thank you for proving you are capable of showing good taste at the box office. The deplorable duo of New Year’s Eve and The Sitter combined to earn just over $23 million. Praise Tim Tebow! I realize once the Tinseltown bean counters are done calculating foreign gross and DVD sales both of these steaming turds will probably end up in the black, but neither will ever garner the “hit” label. Whew.

It’s puzzling though. Where the f*ck were all the house frows and controlling shrews who helped turn Valentine’s Day into a $250 million blockbuster? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy as a school boy frolicking naked through the countryside they steered clear, but it still causes me to scratch my head. Apparently chicks prefer their unrealistic romantic fantasies fulfilled in February more than December.

As for The Sitter, well, it wasn’t very funny. I should’ve known something was amiss from the bland trailers. Just like director David Gordon Green’s previous 2011 effort, Your Highness, most of the ribald humor fell flat. For whatever reason, he hasn’t been able to duplicate the same magic he conjured in Pineapple Express. Methinks not casting Seth Rogen might be part of the problem.