Amusement Parks: Suck or Rule? – Masters of None

Masters Of None

Theme parks- worth the hassle or worst day ever?  We debate it and share some fine stories like that of the infamous Looping Waterslide of Death, the world’s most dangerous park, and the drinking game heard literally around the world.  BONUS MATERIAL: Check out more harrowing tales from New Jersey’s infamous ACTION PARK.

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Masters of None – 5.8 – Amusement Parks: Suck or Rule?

mon155Gunaxin is proud to be partnering with Masters of None, and featuring their content here on our site. Masters of None are former radio guys Mike, Art & Jay, who debate and answer mankind’s most important questions each week. Along the way you’ll encounter unsustainable amounts of movie quotes, horribly tasteless jokes, TV references, offensive comments, old radio bits, biting insults, tall tales, unsportsmanlike conduct, raping and pillaging of all things pop culture. It’s a comedy podcast that doesn’t suck.