Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence Dancing on Billy Joel’s Piano

Lawrence Schumer Billy Joel 560x219The Piano Man’s piano saw some action tonight at Wrigley Field as Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer climbed on stage and actually danced on top of Billy Joel’s Piano. Joel’s hit Uptown Girl was featured prominently in Trainwreck, so he gave a shout-out to Schumer in the encore when he performed it, and invited her and some friends on stage to dance. ESPN’s Sarah Spain captured the incredible scene from close range and shared it to her Instagram :

From the videos it appears that Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer and friends were dancing on stage, when the two ladies decided to climb up on the piano. They removed their shows, and JLAW proceed to lick or kiss Schumer’s foot before the pair began to dance to Uptown Girl on top of the Piano. A wild scene for sure, but not terribly out of character for either star. While the piano dancing was likely spontaneous, the encore performance with the celebrities was planned, as we can see from this rehearsal video recorded at a sound check earlier in the day :

High resolution photos of the festivities were captured by Myrna Suarez for Getty Images, and you can see those photos on their site. A YouTube video from further away shows the full stage and video effects at greater length while Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer enjoy themselves :