Anchor Porter

Anchor Porter

Anchor Brewing Company, San Francisco, CA

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Information: (Site) “Anchor Porter is a unique dark brew, which was introduced by Anchor in the early 1970s. Anchor Porter, like all of Anchor Brewing Company’s products, is brewed with only natural ingredients. Specially roasted dark malts are used, along with a top-fermenting yeast. The brew is hopped at a very high rate, and is naturally carbonated to produce an intensely rich flavor and thick creamy head. The rich flavor ofAnchor Porter has earned this delicious and unique brew a worldwide reputation for outstanding quality.”

As I stated in my last review, I have recently discovered a local party store that has, quite possibly, the largest selection of beer in my immediate vicinity. The store is called “Portage City Wine Seller” and I promised I’d give big ups to the cool cats right there. So, there ya are. Once again, I have had Anchor Steam beer before, but that’s the only style from this particular company, so it’s very nice to see this store carry a few more by them. I’ve decided on the Porter for this one.

The pour is as rich and dark as you’d expect a Porter to be with a hefty, creamy head that stays stacked and thick for quite some time. The smell is deep with heavy malts and toasty nuts. There is a light hoppy bitterness that hangs around at the end, as well as an inherent chocolaty mocha nose that comes with the Porter style.

The flavor is delicious: a nice, toasty, oaky body with a hint of berry. There is a clean, slightly smooth mouth-feel with that amazing rich, chocolaty bite. There is a bit of bitterness that comes with the additional hops, but not so much so that it’s overwhelming. The malts are quite prevalent and blend very nicely with the little yeastiness that is there. This is a pure Porter, and like others of it’s style, it has specific familial traits of Porters, but, just like every brewery that makes its own Porter, it has idiosyncrasies that separates it and allows it to stand out. As a Porter lover, this is truly one of the best of its kind.  As with other Porters, you could do worse than to pair this with a sharp cheese, a roasted bird, or even a chocolate desert plate. Good stuff.

Rating: * * * * 1/2
A unique Porter that is still a Porter, but with a little more.