Ancient Kaiju Project by Oliver Wetter

godzilla in the mountains by fantasio d7ihbvr 560x369Kaij┼ź is Japanese for “Strange Beast” and it’s the name for a Japanese film genre that features giant monsters, like Godzilla. In Oliver Wetter’s Ancient Kaiju Project, he has inserted these massive film characters into existing classic landscape paintings. Undertaken as a learning project, Wetter attempts to match the style of the original painting in regards to lighting, color, and paint strokes. He emulates a similar look with Photoshop using a Wacom Cintiq pen. You can see a pair of example images below.

at at among the sierra nevada by fantasio d7h2jej 560x303Original 560x315Wetter describes the result as “mash-up-artworks that are both; a declaration of love to the old Hudson River School and a tribute to the popular modern cult icons of our times.” We love any fan art project that involves our pop-culture favorites, so we are excited to share Wetter’s work with our audience today. You can find more of his work on his Deviant Art profile.