Andy Richter is NOT Funny

Gone is the whiny, nasally voice of Jay Leno on the Tonight Show (only to have him back at 10 p.m.), and back is the whiny, nasally voice of Andy Richter, one of the most talentless, unfunny people in show business. His first day back with Conan, on Monday’s premier episode with O’Brien, he proved to be as useless as he was before his ill-fated decision to leave Late Night with Conan O’Brien in 2000. From there, he starred in a failed, short-lived sitcom called Andy Richter Controls the Universe, and he got forgettable parts in movies (including Sacha Baron Cohen’s gay lover in Talladega Nights) and television shows. Richter is to O’Brien as Tom Arnold was to Roseanne. Every time I see him I just want to punch my television. Sorry, Conan, but I’ll be watching Letterman.

If you disagree, and find Richter to be funny, watch the video below and if you actually find yourself laughing at Richter, you’re likely retarded. Also, take the poll.

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