Another Golden Girl Shuffles This Mortal Coil

rue mcclanahan

News is just in, and it is very sad for those who are still fans of Rue McClanahan’s work in the Golden Girls, as she has passed away. Here is the snippet from People Magazine:

Golden Girl Rue McClanahan has died at the age of 76.
“She passed away at 1 a.m. this morning,” her manager, Barbara Lawrence, tells PEOPLE. “She had a massive stroke.”
McClanahan, who played man-happy Blanche Devereaux on the still-popular ’80s sitcom Golden Girls, had suffered a minor stroke earlier this year while recovering from bypass surgery. Lawrence adds that at the time of her death Thursday, McClanahan “had her family with her. She went in peace.”

Just as popular as the rest of the cast and equally as important, Rue played Blanche Devereaux, the oft ridiculed overtly sexy and flirty member of the quartet. Before that she was in Maude, playing Maude’s (Bea Arthur) best friend, Vivian Harmon. She will never be forgotten, especially as long a fans of the Golden Girls continue to demand the show run in syndication. She can once again hang out with her pal in Heaven. Rest peacefully, Rue.