Ante Up for Africa Unites Poker, Stars, and Charity

Don Cheadle Ben Affleck Poker 300x178

Don Cheadle Slow Bets Ben Affleck

Do you like poker? Do you like charities? Well how about combining the two? Enter the ultra-cool (and future Col. James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes) Don Cheadle, who once again is hosting the third annual Ante Up for Africa, No Limit Texas Hold-Em Tournament. This contest is held in conjunction with the 40th annual and 2009 World Series of Poker (which runs from May 27 to July 15). Ante Up for Africa will take place this year on July 2, 2009, and the event will feature many big names (and a few small ones) in the entertainment industry. They have come together in an effort to raise awareness, provide aid, and offer assistance to the survivors of the crisis in Darfur, Sudan. Their work also supports activism dedicated to resolving this crisis. You can get more information about this incredible cause from The Enough Project. Know that previous tournaments have held raises millions for those in need, so real change can be made. Plus you get Don Cheadle, the guy who made NFL commercials pretty awesome:

Here are some of the names already lined up for this year’s tournament:

Matt Damon Poker 232x300

Matt “Mike McDermott” Damon

jason alexander poker

Jason Alexander

Charles Barkley poker 300x209

Charles “No Gambling Problem” Barkley

Sir Not Appearing in this Film

Kenny Smith

Montel Williams Poker 199x300

Montel Williams

hershel walker poker 190x300

Herschel Walker

Hank Azaria poker 206x300

Hank Azaria

Brad Garrett Poker 221x300

Brad Garrett

Marlon Wayans Poker 228x300

Marlon “Ripcord” Wayans

sarah silverman 300x291

Sarah “Token Woman” Silverman

Casey Affleck Poker 200x300

Casey “Not Ben” Affleck

Plus many more… And if you support efforts like Ante Up For Africa, everyone can continue to keep the issue in the spotlight while providing real funds to support a brighter future for the people of Sudan. And for great coverage of this event, check out Pokerlistings, who will be at the event live.

Here are a few characters I hope make surprise appearances:

Teddy KGB 300x225

Teddy KGB

James Bond 247x300

James Bond

Don The Matador Everest 300x186

Don ‘The Matador’ Everest

Homer Simpson

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