AOC Breeze Tablet Review

aoc breeze1AOC Breeze Tablet
Want an iPad but can’t afford one? Does a Kindle not do enough for you to justify the purchase? The AOC Breeze falls in between an e-reader and the big-name tablets, working off the Google Android platform, giving you access to all the things you can do on your smartphones, like browse the web, download apps, play games, with the big touch screen that allows you to comfortably read books, watch movies and do actual work if needed.  Coming in at less than $200, the Breeze doesn’t have as good a touchscreen as the iPad or Samsung’s Galaxy, so using the included stylus will keep you from pulling your hair out if you try to use your fingers exclusively.  Some other features include the all-important USB port, a micro SD card slot, built-in wi-fi, microphone, 4gb of internal memory and weighs in at a slightly less than an iPad and with a screen 1″ bigger than the Galaxy.  The only big feature it really lacks is a camera and a bit of the oomph in processing speed, but for such a low price and without having to buy a cellular contract, the Breeze is a nice bridge with a minimal toll. Currently $179 on Amazon.