Apple’s Holiday Ad : Misunderstood

apple christmasWe’re big fans of Apple here at Gunaxin, but even we can admit things just haven’t been the same since Steve Jobs passed away. The product releases haven’t been as revolutionary, and the advertising hasn’t been as iconic. They’re still a great company, but some of what makes Apple great has been lost. Their latest commercial though, instantly reminds us of Apple’s brilliance.

Sure it’s emotional. It connects with nearly every viewer that sees the commercial. We nearly all have family that we spend the holidays with, and we nearly all have folks in our family (possibly ourselves) that spend some of that time with their face buried in a digital screen. While most folks have reacted positively and the video has over 5 million views, there has also been some criticism :

The problem is that while he was creating, he wasn’t really living the day, he was a mere voyeur during it. The message? Life is better through video. Don’t live life, tape it.

That’s definitely a valid point, but we like to view it differently. The teen was spending his time creating something that delighted his family. He was experiencing those moments, but he was also capturing them and sharing them so they could be enjoyed and remembered for years to come. See the teen’s full holiday production (shot entirely on an iPhone 5s) below :

Many folks spend all of their time behind digital screens CONSUMING pixels. This commercial helps to highlight the benefit of CREATING. We’re all clearly addicted to technology, but are you using it to watch, or are you using it to do?