Ass Kicking Ninjas

union badgeAre you a ninja who is tired of not receiving the same health care, unemployment and retirement care other professionals do? Or, perhaps you’ve considered becoming a ninja and just don’t know how to go about it.

What ever the case, never fear. Help for all practitioners of the deadly arts is finally here!

By joining the International Ninja Union and National Association of Ninja Practitioners (NANP), all ninjas of the world can finally be given the respect they’re due and the benefits they’ve earned!

By visiting them at, and joining the union, the NANP promises:

“Our goal is to be a place where ninja can come to have their grievances addressed and to act as a lobbying organization on their behalf. We also aim to educate the public about the modern ninja and work with state and local governments to enact legislation to protect this little known segment of the work force; the black collar workers, the killing class. We will be the voice for those who are silent… killers.”

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In addition to the help Ass Kicking Ninjas provides the struggling ninja in getting the pay he deserves, they also offer many great videos to help you further your education as a silent bringer of death. The following is only one example of the invaluable information you’ll find there:

So, if you’re a ninja who just can’t seem to get the support you feel you need to continue on your path to ninja greatness, let the NANP help.