Ass Kisser Double IPA

Ass Kisser Double IPA

Rahr and Sons Brewery – Fort Worth, TX – Brewed for the Ass Kisser Beverage Company

ass kiser

Information: Site (and yes, it was in all caps there, too)- “Our new “Kick Ass” Double IPA is made with Warrior Hops and has Golden Color and a Rich Carmel and fruit palate. The finish is long and dry. It is a big donkey coming at you with a 9.2% ABV.  It has plenty of time in the bottle and can age and get better and better. Honest we aren’t just kissin’ up here. Open this bottle and pour it into a snifter glass and allow the aromas to come barreling out. As you take your time sipping away it will only get better.”

Boy I just love it when beer doesn’t give a damn about being friendly with its name. When it comes right out and knocks you over the head with Ass Kisser, all allusions about what’s going on in this bottle are chucked out the window. This is already guaranteed to be an IPA that’s certainly going to put a number over on my senses. Let’s find out…

Oh yeah. Now that’s a wake-up call for the schnoz! A full-on explosion of bitter hops wafting out like a battalion of beer-scented soldiers. There is a rich, foamy head that even now as I continue to write this has settled into a frothy crown that doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere. There are a series of grassy and floral notes that make themselves known after a good whirling of the glass. Oh, and it’s a really nice looking beer, too with something of a golden amber hue.

Goodness. Though it is definitely bitter and piney with some serious hop infusion, it’s by no means harsh. Up front there is an instant where everything reminds you of a citrus-coated fir tree (in a very good way, mind you) that immediately coalesces into a malty mouthfeel with high points of caramel and azucar from Mexico (it comes it little cones). Very nice. But it’s the finish that really puts a smile on my face. It comes to a head with a nice nutty finish that almost… almost reminds me of popcorn. Yep. This is an amazingly well-rounded beer and would match nicely with spicy foods for sure.

Rating: * * * *
A pretty awesome IPA that just might kick your ass.