At War with the Ice Cream Man

good humor ice cream kid 235x300The New York Times has an article explaining how parents around Harmony Playground in Prospect Park, Brooklyn hate the “icy man,” the guy with the pushcart of fruit ice treats. He’s also apparently the bastard cousin of the ice cream man and his motorized truck of dessert goodies. Unknown to many, these┬átreat peddlers are part an epidemic of parental outrage. I’d compare it to something on the scale of banning dodgeball in schools, as a growing group of parents nationwide cannot stand either of the treat dispensing vendors. Have they never met Ice Cream Jones?

Parents are fed up for any number of reasons, complaining about the crappy music, unclean vendors, and possible drug ties (playing to much Grand Theft Auto?). But the main reason behind the complaints seems to stem from an issue with their kids begging them for tasty snacks as a Pavlovian response to the jingling bell of the ice cream man. Here’s some advice: Tell your little precious snowflake, “No” and enforce it. Do not cave. Parents complaining about having to be parents. Here’s a sample to follow:

“My kid will look up and shout, ‘Let me have ice cream.,”
and I’ll whisper…’no’.”

rorschach ice cream

You know what’s great about ice cream? Everything. Although I think Eddie Murphy explains it better than I could ever do:

You know what else is great about ice cream? This picture:

ice cream gossip girls 560x686

But if you really want a down side, how about this picture:

Ice cream man