AT&T Proves Kids are Hilarious

not complicated more 620x288 560x260AT&T has struck solid gold with its “It’s Not Complicated” ad campaign. Why? Well, they have tapped into a source of entertainment those of us with children have known for years: kids are damn hilarious!

In fact, just in case you were wondering who some of the other talented adults were behind these ads where the young ones snag most of the spotlight, look no further than one-third of the Lonely Island troupe (ya know, the guys behind “I’m on a Boat,” and “Like a Boss”), Jorma Taccone! That’s right, he and the guy with the kids, Beck Bennett, have scored a major win for the phone company.

The commercials began their run in 2012, and a new batch were released in conjunction with the NCAA Basketball Championships. Keep an eye out as half-a-dozen more are slated for release before the end of the year. Here’s the run thus far.

Laser eyes

“That’s a pain in the buns”

“Tape a cheetah to her back”

Werewolf dilemma

More less stuff

She is absolutely positive

Candy Island

Nicky Flash

The pickle roll predicament

High-Fives all around!

“You’re not gonna win any championships”