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Bill & Ted Face The Music : Review
August 27th, 2020 in Media > Movies

Bill & Ted Face The Music is an unexpectedly emotional film, anchored by a touching script and a steadfast adherence to a natural humanity.

Train to Busan Presents : Peninsula – Review
August 20th, 2020 in Media > Movies

Peninsula forges its own path with guns blazing, heartfelt emotion, and blood by the barrelful.

The Rental : Review
July 23rd, 2020 in Media > Movies

Dave Franco’s directorial debut is a corker of a thriller boasting a bleak statement on humanity as a whole.

Hamilton : Movie Review
July 5th, 2020 in Media > Movies

The cast and crew of Hamilton have put their hearts and souls into this film which, both in performance and execution, hasn’t aged at all since its recording four years ago.

Irresistible : Movie Review
June 28th, 2020 in Media > Movies

Quite frankly, Stewart’s aim is to disgust us and to urge us to do better.

7500 : Movie Review
June 17th, 2020 in Media > Movies

7500 does in 90 minutes what some high-powered action films running twice this length dare not…

Bloodshot : Movie Review
April 1st, 2020 in Media > Movies

Bloodshot may be full of been-there-done-that, but it delivers exactly what it promises: a high-octane blast of popcorn cinema.

Onward : Movie Review
March 22nd, 2020 in Media > Movies

Pixar’s latest is available for digital download, and heading to Disney+ for streaming soon.

The Invisible Man : Movie Review
February 28th, 2020 in Media > Movies

An unexpected modern-day masterpiece.

The Call of the Wild : Review
February 20th, 2020 in Media > Movies

The Call of the Wild excels in its ability to keep a non-speaking, non-anthropomorphized dog as its lead character while swirling a beautiful story around his adventure, not the the one belonging to the humans.

Birds of Prey : Movie Review
February 6th, 2020 in Media > Movies

A sharp, empowering feminist theme runs deep in Birds of Prey’s bones, accompanied by a strong sense of self-referential humor.

Ford v Ferrari : Movie Review
January 28th, 2020 in Media > Movies

Ford v Ferrari is available on Digital now and on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD February 11th.

The Gentlemen : Review
January 24th, 2020 in Media > Movies

Guy Ritchies most complete and moving film.

Bad Boys For Life : Review
January 17th, 2020 in Media > Movies

It’s been 25 years since Bad Boys was released, and a lot has changed in action cinema.

1917 : Movie Review
January 10th, 2020 in Media > Movies

The one-take World War I film 1917 is a landmark achievement, employing its conceit to effectively show us the true terror of war.

Underwater : Movie Review
January 9th, 2020 in Media > Movies

Though the script is derivative, director William Eubank makes Underwater come off like a quick hit of adrenaline.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Review
December 20th, 2019 in Media > Movies

Thanks to toxic fanboy culture, the highly-anticipated capper to the 42-years-old Skywalker Saga comes in the form of a rehashed version of Return of the Jedi.

Richard Jewell : Review
December 12th, 2019 in Media > Movies

A propaganda film with a passion for destroying trust in those who protect us and those who seek the truth.

Knives Out : Review
November 28th, 2019 in Media > Movies

Do not miss this film, and do not be late to the theater.

The Irishman : Review
November 28th, 2019 in Media > Movies

The Irishman finds Martin Scorsese in a reflective, pensive mode, being both a meditation on aging and venturing into seldom-traveled territory.

Doctor Sleep : Review
November 8th, 2019 in Media > Movies

Doctor Sleep pays homage to both King and Kubrick’s original works as Flanagan sets his eyes firmly on the new 2013 roadmap.

Zombieland: Double Tap – Review
October 17th, 2019 in Media > Movies

Zombieland: Double Tap may be a simple case of “just more of the same,” but that’s NEVER a bad thing with this franchise.

Joker : Movie Review
October 3rd, 2019 in Media > Movies

Joker is a rare movie which forcefully shoves us into its sickening miasma of discomfort.

Running With The Devil : Review
September 20th, 2019 in Media > Movies

Cabell’s dramatization of the cocaine trade, from cultivation to final sale, is a watchable film in the vein of Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic but lacks its spirit and pull.