Mining for Gold in YouTube Comments
March 25th, 2013 in Humor > Pop Culture

Sometimes you find gold.

Listen to New Daft Punk Remixes
March 25th, 2013 in Media > Music

The next best thing to new Daft Punk.

Why the Russian Version of The Punisher is Terrifying
March 19th, 2013 in Humor > News

And badass, too.

The United Nations is Drunk
March 8th, 2013 in Grub > Liquor

Ali G Indahouse was totally spot on

Dylan Hayes is Probably Superman and Possibly a Ninja
March 6th, 2013 in Humor > News

Toddler or superhero? .

English Batman Sucks
March 5th, 2013 in Humor > News

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Large Hadron Collider Scientists Know all About Sarcasm
February 20th, 2013 in Humor > News

Scientists can troll too.

George Leutz : Q*bert Master
February 19th, 2013 in Gadgets > Games

Saluting the most dedicated gamer in the world.

Horse Burgers Prove British Food Really is Terrible
February 18th, 2013 in Grub > Food

British folk know how to enjoy burgers with real kick.

Boob Whisky is a Thing
February 15th, 2013 in Grub > Liquor

We’ve never been this happy.

English Guy’s Musings on the Big Game
February 4th, 2013 in Humor > Pop Culture

Our English writer takes an alternate and irreverent look at the Super Bowl

Why Liam Neeson’s Daughter in Taken is an Awful Person
January 29th, 2013 in Media > Movies

Basically, she sucks.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Answers Some of Life’s Tough Questions
January 22nd, 2013 in Humor > Pop Culture

Insert “I’ll be back” joke here.

The White House Won’t be Building a Death Star
January 11th, 2013 in Humor > Pop Culture

“This Isn’t the Petition Response You’re Looking For”

Watch the Punisher Whip Some Bad Guys
January 11th, 2013 in Media > Comics

The master of badass at work.

A Spider-Man Plot Hole No One Noticed
January 10th, 2013 in Media > Movies

Spidey has a lot to explain.

Proving The Matrix “Dodge This” Scene is Wrong, with Math
January 8th, 2013 in Media > Movies

Numbers never lie.

Compressorhead: Robots Playing Metal
January 8th, 2013 in Gadgets > Other

Literally, the most metal band out there.

How Not to Win an Argument With Your Girlfriend
December 27th, 2012 in Humor > News

Learning is fun. Arguing, not so much.

Frogger with Ducks
December 27th, 2012 in Gadgets > Games

Not for the faint of heart.

Mall Santa Gets Trapped by Beard, Stays in Character
December 13th, 2012 in Humor > Videos

Wrestlers got nothing on this.

Santa Was Terrifying in the 1920s
December 10th, 2012 in Humor > Videos

Christmas spirit is overrated anyway.

How We’re All Slowly Fixing the World
December 5th, 2012 in Gadgets > Internet

Future users of the internet owe you a beer.

Two Stupid Lightsaber Variations
November 30th, 2012 in Gadgets > Other

Not all lightsabers are uber bitchin, some of them suck.