How Daniel Radcliffe Nut Punched the Paparazzi
November 30th, 2012 in Media > Celebrities

Insert wizard joke here.

Why Forrest Gump Should Have Ended After Ten Minutes
November 29th, 2012 in Media > Movies

Gump wasn’t the best storyteller.

Four Stupid Halo 4 Armor Variations
November 29th, 2012 in Gadgets > Games

Because looking cool is for noobs

Samurai Jack: The Most Depressing Cartoon Ever Made
November 28th, 2012 in Media > Comics

A samurai’s work is never done.

Shooting Two Guns at Once is Always Cool
November 28th, 2012 in Humor > Videos

Bang! Bang!

Apple is the Scientology of Tech
November 27th, 2012 in Gadgets > Electronics

Apple keeps it real, and crazy.

The Stupidest TV Scene You’re Likely to See Today
November 23rd, 2012 in Media > Television

Watching this actually destroys IQ points.

Three Hilariously Failed Musical Disses
November 14th, 2012 in Media > Music

Proof that Nickelback is kind of awesome.

Halo 4 Can’t Catch a Break
November 13th, 2012 in Gadgets > Games

Fanboys will complain about anything.

Insane Acts of Manliness from England’s Most Terrifying Prisoner
November 13th, 2012 in Humor > Lists

Think you’re a real man? Think again.

The Dirty Secret Modern Music Could be Hiding
November 8th, 2012 in Media > Music

Adding new meaning to the phrase, slap that ass.

Why Political Facebook Posts Could be Costing you Friends
November 6th, 2012 in Gadgets > Internet

Proof you should post more Gunaxin articles instead.

The Ant-Man Cheat Sheet
November 5th, 2012 in Media > Comics

Learn all about Marvel’s tiniest hero.

Reasons the Obama Kenyan Birth Video is Stupid
November 2nd, 2012 in Humor > News

We totally buy that it’s real.

This guy.
November 1st, 2012 in Gadgets > Games

Inglourious Basterds hasn’t got anything on this!

The Story Behind the Coolest Picture of Freddie Mercury
November 1st, 2012 in Media > Celebrities

Meet your new desktop wallpaper.

The Real Reason Gangnam Style Parodies Are Stupid
November 1st, 2012 in Humor > Pop Culture

Straight from the crazy Korean horse’s mouth.

Links That Prove the Original Star Wars Movies Aren’t That Great
October 31st, 2012 in Media > Movies

Ya know, the original trilogy kinda sucks too.

Go Bald for Bieber?
October 29th, 2012 in Media > Celebrities

We really shouldn’t laugh, but…

Why YouTube Makeup Tutorials are Terrifying
October 29th, 2012 in Humor > Videos

This is why the internet was invented.

Super Authentic Ghost Photos From 100 Years Ago
October 23rd, 2012 in Humor > Images


The Scariest Part of REC Just Got Scarier
October 22nd, 2012 in Media > Movies

Because it’s almost Halloween and we hate you.

You Will Never be this Excited While Playing Borderlands 2
October 19th, 2012 in Gadgets > Games

The time a game made someone “so horny!”

Name the Actor With the Most Badass List of Roles
October 18th, 2012 in Media > Movies

Hayden Christensen isn’t allowed on this list.