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Ten Great New Year’s Flicks
December 30th, 2020 in Media > Movies

Sinking luxury liners, topless chicks and fake orgasms. Happy New Year!

Five Things To Do With Your Kids Over Winter Break
December 28th, 2020 in Humor > Lists

Keep yourself from going bonkers during your kids’ Christmas Vacation.

Ten Festive Christmas Cereals
December 24th, 2020 in Grub > Food

On Christmas morning, eat some damn cereal!

Ten Classic Songs From Ten Holiday Movies
December 22nd, 2020 in Media > Music

Sing along, you know you want to.

Ten Awesome Christmas Elves
December 21st, 2020 in Media > Movies

Santa’s Best Little Helpers in Movie History

Ten Disgusting Pieces of Christmas Candy
December 16th, 2020 in Grub > Sweets

Not all Christmas candy can bring joy.

Classic Christmas Trees in Pop Culture
December 14th, 2020 in Humor > Videos

Trim some Classic Christmas Trees, kids!

Deconstructing Five Classic Christmas Songs
December 11th, 2020 in Media > Music

Finding new reasons to hate Christmas Music.

Christmas Electronics of Yore
November 29th, 2020 in Gadgets > Electronics

Let’s remember some old electronics from our youths, shall we?

Ten Excellent Beers for Thanksgiving
November 15th, 2020 in Grub > Beer

Ten beers for your Turkey Day Table.

The Most Awesome Mustaches Ever
November 1st, 2020 in Humor > Pop Culture

Twenty mustaches that kick oodles of ass for Movember.

Ranking the Classic Universal Movie Monsters
October 31st, 2020 in Media > Movies

Remembering the nine classic monsters of film.

Ten Must-Watch Halloween Movies
October 23rd, 2020 in Media > Movies

Our recommendations for movies to watch this Halloween season.

Ten Creepy Fictional Towns from Horror Movies
October 17th, 2020 in Media > Movies

You can die there, but you can’t live there.

Twelve Greatest Horror Movie Masks
October 9th, 2020 in Media > Movies

Prepare to be scared.

Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Candy Corn
October 8th, 2020 in Grub > Sweets

Love it or hate it, Candy Corn is always going to be here.

Ten Great Fall Beers
October 3rd, 2020 in Grub > Beer

Our recommendations of Fall Beers for your cooler weather drinking parties.

12 Comic Book Covers That Prove The Avengers Were Ridiculous
September 25th, 2020 in Media > Comics

The Avengers did some pretty stupid stuff.

Ten Annoying Cartoon Sidekicks
September 1st, 2020 in Media > Comics

Are you an animated hero? Are you in need of a sidekick? Avoid this lot.

Ten Movies Featuring Talking Dogs (That Aren’t Animated)
August 26th, 2020 in Media > Movies

Talking Dog Movies for National Dog Day

Fifty of the Most Kick-Ass Roller Coasters on Earth
August 16th, 2020 in Travel > See

Let’s flirt with imminent death, and ride the ultimate ride.

Five Steps to a Killer Cookout
August 13th, 2020 in Grub > Food

How to host a grill fest like a boss.

Ten Great Empowering Sixties Songs by Women
August 8th, 2020 in Media > Music

Women in the 1960s really had something to say and to sing about.

The Eight Most Entertaining Gay Couples on Television
August 2nd, 2020 in Media > Television

Gay couples aren’t just for eye-rolling humor any more.