15 Awesome Commercials Featuring Bears

1280 polar bears coca cola 560x262Bears are awesome. Bears in commercials are even more awesome. Many people think monkeys are the only way to go for epic advertising, but we have fifteen great ad campaigns featuring bears to prove them wrong. Enjoy!

15) Charmin

Cartoon bears with dingleberries. Stay classy, Charmin.

14) Birds Eye Peas

An awfully mild reaction to a talking bear in the fridge, don’t ya think?

13) Labatt’s

I’m not sure if I like this Canadian Bear or not. It’s not the bear’s fault, I just hate Labatt’s.

12) Kellogg’s OK’s Cereal

Trust Yogi when it comes to food. He’s something of an expert. A thief, but an expert.

11) TUMS

This bear proves you can survive an attack. Just load up the car with a shit ton of food and sit back and watch the hilarity.

10) Bear Creek Pasta

I really hope that if bears could indeed cook, they’d do better than instant pasta.

9) Coca Cola

The answer to “Why do bears pee so much?” If in fact that was a question.

8) Hamm’s Beer

Sure he loves beer, but cut him off when he starts looking to shoot up.

7) Snuggle

Something this nauseatingly adorable needs to die in a fire.

6) Sugar Crisp

This bear is an asshole.

5) Boston Bruins

There is an entire series of these, and this is among the funniest.

4) Travelodge UK

Man, I might be 38 and too old for bedtime stories, but I want this bear offering them anyway.

3) John West Red Salmon

A true classic, and something we don’t recommend you try.

2) Smokey Bear

Yeah, and it’s Smokey Bear, with no ‘THE’. Look it up.

1) Birds Eye Steamfresh Medleys

This bear’s enthusiasm for his side dish is hysterical.