B.Manley Challenged by @The_Real_Shaq

Before Shaq was traded to Cleveland, he made a challenge through Twitter :

i wanna play this guy n horse for a thousand dollars, find him pls http://bit.ly/CK5nk8:35 PM Jun 23rd from TweetDeck

Apparently Shaq is looking to give $1,000 away, and give this guy even more publicity than he has already received. Below is a collection of Bruce Manley’s amazing shots:

So to follow up on the challenge, we checked LeftLane6‘s Facebook Page:

Left Lane 6 : jus got off the phone with SHAQ, the dates are in the works, the game will be next week most likely. GET EM BRUCE! an thanks to ASHTON KUTCHER for taggin it up on twitter with the oop vid! good look fam.

Honestly the thing I find most interesting here is the guy who is now filming this in HD, and looking to promote other talent in a similar way, he’s really working it:

If you’re a legit dunker, or baller in general, but you’re tired of your dude filmin you with a camera phone from the corner of the gym and you want a LEGIT promo, get at me. Let us make a promo thats as sick as your dunks, REAL HD, REAL SLOW MOTION… We could work somethin out.

Here are some of his other videos: