BackPack Shelf for iMac by Twelve South

backpack mac apple I was initially skeptical when I heard about the Twelve South‘s BackPack, which was described to me simply as a ‘shelf that attaches to the back of my iMac.’ I mean, why would I want that when I have my entire desk to put things on?

The honest answer is that not everyone needs this, but if you do have an item on your desk that would ideally not be there, like an external drive, or your mother-in-law’s portrait, this $30 extension to your computer solves the issue and you’ll never have to think about it again. Place the item on the shelf behind the computer and it’ll be nearby but out of the way.

Steve Jobs seems to be determined to clear up desk space, which is why a new iMac comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard. Twelve South, a company that only makes Apple accessories, stays true to that idea, and some customer have even installed multiple Backpacks onto the same machine. The item is adjustable and has fitting clips and a no-slip grip.

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