Bad-Ass Presidential Portraits by Jason Heuser

obama riding a lion by sharpwriter d5ftze6 560x362

Barack Obama Riding a Lion

Artist Jason Heuser has been creating portraits of bad-ass American Presidents since 2011. We’ve used a few of his epic creations in some of our articles over the years, so we thought it would be fun to search out the source of these amazing illustrations and feature the entire collection.

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They range in level of detail, but generally Heuser is revising history with these portraits. Utilizing a combination of historical detail, political legend, and an overactive imagination, Jason has been able to create art that is adored across the Internet. You can buy your favorite image as a print from his Etsy store, and see all of his other awesome art on his Deviant Art profile. Now celebrate President’s Day with some of our most bad-ass Presidential heroes…

George Washington : Zombie Hunter

george washington zombiehunter by sharpwriter d3blw90 e1424053388972 560x330

Abraham Lincoln Riding a Grizzly Bear

abe lincoln riding a grizzly by sharpwriter d33u2nl 560x315

Teddy Roosevelt vs. Bigfoot

teddy roosevelt vs bigfoot by sharpwriter d3a72w4 e1424053435376 560x329

Ronald Reagan Riding a Velociraptor

ronald reagan riding a velociraptor by sharpwriter d55rsh7 560x315

Bill Clinton : The Lady Killer

bill clinton the lady killer by sharpwriter d5wx11h 560x362

Ronald Reagan : The Liberator

ronald reagan the liberator by sharpwriter d7lmkqs 560x354

George WARshington

george warshington by sharpwriter d8uigwg 560x315

John F. Kennedy : Alien Hunter

john f kennedy alien hunter by sharpwriter d4pkjm8 560x362

Thomas Jefferson vs. Gorillas

thomas jefferson vs gorilla by sharpwriter d3fxuo8 e1424053468525 560x329

Richard Nixon vs. Saber Tooth Tiger

richard nixon fighting a saber tooth tiger by sharpwriter d6bln06 560x315

George Washington : Original Master Chief

george washington the original master chief by sharpwriter d5ebrn6 560x747

Franklin D. Roosevelt : Battle Master

fdr battle master by sharpwriter d46ks2j 560x863

Andrew Jackson : Alien Slayer

andrew jackson alien slayer by sharpwriter d3cq0aj e1424053522177 560x952

George DUBYA Bush : On a Shark

george dubya bush by sharpwriter d8zllx1 560x734

George Washington vs. Tiger

Washington Vs Tiger by SharpWriter 560x373

New Presidential Seal

new clean presidential seal by sharpwriter d486yc8 560x561

…and the worst “President” in the history of our country : 

Donald Trump : Fake Strongman Dictator

trump tank.0 560x373