Barack Obama’s InaugurAle

obamaholdingbeerYou already know that Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America on January 20th at noon, but what you might not know is that Barack Obama loves his beer. According to Truemors not only does he love beer but he was hoping to have his favorite beer served at the Inauguration party, InaugurAle, brewed by Piece Brewery and Pizzeria in Chicago. Barack Obama might soon be the leader of the free world, but even he wasn’t able to actually make it happen. Piece kegs their beer, but shortly before the inauguration they were told they needed to provide the beer in bottles, but there’s not enough time to bottle the beer before the 20th, so Barack’s going to have to drink something else. Don’t worry, if you want to try InaugurAle and you’re somewhere near Chicago, Piece Brewery and Pizzeria will be having an inauguration celebration on January 20th and they’ll be serving InaugurAle. Read the full story at

daleshops 193x300If you’re not near Chicago there are a few other Barack Obama Inauguration themed beers available. Homebrewer Sam Chapple-Sokol has been working on his Audacity of Hops InaugurAle beer, named after Obama’s second book The Audacity of Hope. Dale’s Pale Ale has also been using the Audacity of Hops name to advertise their beer using a poster styled after Barack Obama’s Audacity of Hope poster. The Pageant in St. Louis, Mo is brewing a Presidential Porter for their Inauguration party on the 20th.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, in Kenya, where homemade alcohol is commonly mixed with battery acid or formaldehyde to increase potency, Obama Beer is taking the country by storm and saving lives. Actually called Senator beer, it’s been dubbed Obama Beer ever since he was elected Senater back in 2004.

Of course, if you’re not in Chicago, St. Louis, Kenya, or friends with a homebrewer in DC check your local bars, they might have their own version of InaugurAle. If all else fails you can join President-elect Obama in a nice cool Pabst Blue Ribbon.