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Masters of None – 4.14 – Batman vs. Superman

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Blondes or Brunettes, Coke or Pepsi, being a giant sized snail or shit snails out of your butt once a month (Earlier Issue: MoN on Number 71 of the Ice Podcast for reference click here!)Like the comic book reference already? Well if you read comics you got it.

These debates have been with our culture as long as I can remember. So has the debate of who is better Superman or Batman. These days it looks like the Dark Knight would win in a landslide but talking to fanboys and fangirls the split is 50/50.


Extreme Pelvic Thrust

Let’s take a look at Superman. He fights for truth, justice and the American way.  He is a symbol of what people want to be or to have as a protector in case all hell breaks loose. The Man of Steel is an icon to some and will always have a place as one of the top superheroes throughout history. From kids putting on a red blanket around their neck pretending to soar in the air to the John Williams score that was in the Superman films back in the 70’s you will always have a memory of Superman.

Now each superhero has to have special abilities. What are Supes? They are superhuman strength, speed, stamina, invulnerability, senses, intelligence, regeneration, longevity, super breath, heat vision, x-ray vision and flight. Damn the boy is full of super powers hence the name of Superman. Still each hero has to have something that can bring them down, for Superman its Kryptonite. The green crystal from his home planet Krypton can kill him….that and Doomsday. I remember when the death of Superman came out in 1992. I was a freshman in high school and I was hooked by that series. I kept on telling myself DC is not gonna let Superman be killed. I nearly fell out of my seat when I read the final chapter in that series. It was unthinkable. Who could kill the Man of Steel? I still sometimes wake up in cold sweats.


This is the WORST game of Twister EVER!

Looking at his alter ego Clark Kent, this is where you get a little bit bored. He is a guy that came from a town called Smallville. He is awkward in every way manageable and you want to scream to everyone that if you take off the classes and put a curl in his hair he resembles Superman! I have done that so many times and no one in the comics hears me. Take him or leave him Superman will be around the comic scene for a long time and that is cool with me.

Bruce Wayne’s alter ego is of course Batman. The thing that appeals to me about this comic book hero is that you could actually be Batman. Well if you had a large bank account and you knew many forms of martial arts.  Still it could happen right?

Batman Lee


Growing up as a kid watching the ol Adam West TV show you thought Batman was a boy scout just like Superman. Some of the movies that had Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer gave you the same idea. That is the Batman that is very well known. The one I like is where he gets his name the Dark Knight. It’s not just cuz he lurks in the shadows looking to scare criminals, but it is view on life and how he feels that things are not so black and white. One of my favorite interactions between Batman and Superman is in the Hush comic book series in Batman #608-619. You can see the way they respect each other but also give each other shit about how they each get the job done.

Batman relies on his intelligence to solve crimes, create new weapons and gadgets to add to his arsenal to take on the likes of the Joker, Scarecrow, Two-Face and others. Plus with making mucho dinero as his alter ego Bruce Wayne, he has the money to finance his profession as the Dark Knight.  For a great way to feel like you are Batman I strongly suggest you pick up the game Arkham Asylum. Not only do you kick ass as Batman, but you see how he uses his detective skills to defeat Joker.

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I feel that the Bruce Wayne alter ego is a lot cooler. He is a playboy spending his money on women and cars. The downside is having many sidekicks….yes Superman has sidekicks; in the form of people in his close circle of friends, but Batman has Robin, Batgirl, Oracle, and the Huntress. Yea these heroes are cool but Batman is a bad ass and doesn’t need to be tied down. Plus when a sidekick dies it takes Batman many years to stop blaming himself.

So in my conclusion both Superman and Batman are great comic heroes and if you feel like I didn’t choose one or the other, or maybe you did, well that’s for you to decide. Enjoy the debate that Mike and Jay have on who is better and remember that at least one of them wasn’t defending Aquaman.

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