The Battle of Hoth in America

Hoth Meme 560x239The polar vortex has returned, and with it some of the coldest air on record for much of the country. With temperatures below zero in many cities this week, you’re likely to start seeing memes of those cities being turned into a scene from Star Wars.

Hoth Star Wars Washington Capitol Snow 560x280

We’ve contributed our own image to the meme with the photo above, depicting the Battle of Hoth in front of the United States Capitol Building in Washington, DC. To the uninformed, Hoth is the desolate fictional planet covered with ice and snow from the Empire Strikes Back. It’s home to creatures like Wampa and Tauntauns and served as the setting for the Battle of Hoth. We’ve collected our favorite Hoth Meme photos to share with you below, because this joke never gets old when it snows in a major city…

Hoth City 01 560x262 Hoth City 05 Hoth City 03 560x423 Hoth City 02 560x409 Hoth City 09 560x375 Hoth City 08 Hoth City 04 560x387 Hoth City 06 560x374 Hoth City 07 560x608 Hoth City 11 560x418 Hoth City 13 560x373 Hoth City 10 560x293 Hoth City 12 560x403 tumblr kwel5kr9uI1qz7b4yo1 500 tumblr lflc2aYPOJ1qdzr32o1 500Hoth House 560x351