The ‘How to Be a Man’ Coloring Book

It has come to my recent attention that MEN are being woefully under-utilized in the ‘alternative media’ field. Specifically, of course, I refer to Coloring Books. If one wants to learn about MANHOOD via an extension of their ability to fill in shapes while remaining in the lines, one would turn toward Superhero subjects or possibly Camping. But neither of these truly illustrate what it is, and how to be, the aforementioned MAN. However, I have put together a ten-page book for your coloring enjoyment that more aptly showcases the reality behind what a MAN must do to be a MAN. Please print and enjoy.

colorpageCOVER 560x724

This book is chock full of lessons and awesome. My new rule: Don’t NOT judge a book by its cover.

colorpage1 560x724

People don’t kill people, neither do guns… bullets. Bullets kill people.

colorpage2 560x724

Kissing is MANLY when bloodletting is occurring. Bloodletting is MANLY.

colorpage3 560x724

This is why MEN don’t wash their hands after using the CAN. Spreading piss germs is MANLY.

colorpage4 560x724

When all else fails: fight.

colorpage5 560x724

When a MAN eats, other MEN bow in his warming GLOW.

colorpage6 560x724

BEER: It’s what’s for BREAKFAST.

colorpage7 560x724

MEN lifting alone is awesome. MEN lifting together in one room is criminal.

colorpage8 560x724

The more MANLY you are, the HARDER you TOSS.

colorpage9 560x724

Women… what’re ya gonna do?