Bears Game Tailgating with Chrysler

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Somewhere behind the car, there's a party goin on.

On Sunday our Chrysler 200 Road Trip concluded with our arrival at the NFC Championship Game between the Bears and Packers. However, we couldn’t just go to the game, we needed to tailgate, in style. This wasn’t your typical tailgate, it was more of a corporate hosted event. However considering the weather, I didn’t mind being pampered a bit. We were setup in the parking lot of the Planetarium, so fans could come by and check out the car on their way to the game. While our tailgate was fairly tame, we were surrounded by die hard Bears fans. In order to soak in the scene, I decided to take a lap around the lot with Jenna from Fumbling Forward. She wrote a much more compelling version of our adventure, and you can see her pictured below :

Bears Tailgate 027 560x373

She's in the middle.

As you can see, the fans were more ready for the game than the team, and we’ve captured a bit of the atmosphere below (some photos stolen from Jenna)

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