Beastie Boys with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon

The Beastie Boys appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week in order to promote the re-release of their album, ‘Check your Head‘ and their next album, Hot Sauce Committee. Following the interview, Jimmy asked them to perform, which was obviously pre-planned. They then proceeded to rock the house with The Roots. (seriously, the best reason to watch Fallon) In case you missed this classic television performance, we have the video:

The Beasties are still cold kickin’ it live for three decades now. Simply amazing to me. Sure you see some gray hair, but these guys still got it. This fabulous performance reminded me of some of their other late night television appearances over the years, so I went to the YouTube machine to pull some of my favorites:

Beastie Boys on Letterman, 2006:

Beastie Boys on Letterman, 2004:

Saturday Night Live, 1994: