Beauty vs. The Beast – Fantasy Football Tournament

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Apparently we're the Bear in this Scenario.

Jake the Intern over at The Smoking Jacket recently asked us for a bit of help with his Fantasy Football team. Apparently he has been involved in a weekly tournament with two playmates, where he has to pick a roster each week, and the ladies have soundly stomped him repeatedly. So he asked us first to submit a little bit of smack talk, to which our competitors, Deanna Brooks and Pilar Lastra would respond :

Despite the best efforts of our web publisher brethren, it appears you ladies have enjoyed positive results so far this season in your Beauty vs. The Beast Fantasy Football Tournament. So for that, Congratulations, you’ve performed admirably, and we recognize that you ladies have more than just luck, there may actually be some skill involved here too.

However, it’s time to wipe the smiles off of those pretty faces, as Gunaxin Sports now enters the tourney, and we intend to hang a loss on you this week. I’m sorry ladies but you’re gonna need extra botox injections to cover up the frown lines after we get done with you. The Playboy re-touchers are going to have to put in a bit of overtime, airbrushing out all the bruising caused when we kick your asses. Its time to prove once and for all, if there is one thing on this planet we know better than Playmates, its certainly Fantasy Football. Ok, lets be honest, if it doesn’t  involve plastic surgery or posing for the camera, we probably know more about it than a Playmate, and Football is no exception.

However, we’d like to keep the tone of this match-up civil, so we’re prepared to make a peace offering. Since us Gunaxin guys are currently growing a bit of luxury in support of Men’s Cancers for Movember, we’d like to offer, win or lose, free mustache rides for our lovely adversaries.

It was an attempt to get under their skin, which worked faster than a bag of silicone on one of Hef’s girlfriends, because here was the response :

To see who we each selected in the actual game, head on over to the Smoking Jacket for the rosters.