Live Beyond Labels : Beck’s Independent Artist Series

Becks Art Label 2013 program e1374763085493 560x354We’re always on the lookout for new kick-ass art here at Gunaxin, and when that art happens to appear on some beer bottles, it catches our attention for more than one reason. So when we saw these sweet bottles in a case at our local liquor store, we had to bring them back to the office. They are this year’s collection of an awesome tradition, Beck’s Independent Artist Series :

Each year, Beck’s selects six artists, from different disciplines, to design original creative work to live on Beck’s beer labels. Dedicated to supporting up-and-coming artistic talent, Beck’s will display these designs on 13.2 million labels, amounting to 5.16 million square feet of canvas – more than eight times the square footage of the Museum of Modern Art in New York – for a summer-long art exhibit.

Becks Beer Labels 560x366You may recognize some of the names on those bottles, the designers of this year’s labels are (from left to right) :

  • Multi-medium artists The Date Farmers
  • Photographer William Hundley
  • Fashion designer and entrepreneur Marc Eckō
  • Interactive digital duo TM Sisters
  • Actor and Grammy award-winning musician Kid Cudi
  • Artist and musician Willis Earl Beal

Now those labels are fairly small in that photo above, and it might be tough to fully appreciate them without some context. Unfortunately they don’t provide any additional information on the back of the bottle. However this video does a great job of introducing you to the artists, and giving you a peek inside their creative process to creating a beer label :

This article is sponsored by Beck’s