Beer and Boobs with Drew Barrymore

Whether or not you think this former child star from such classics as E.T., Firestarter, and Cat’s Eye is still kinda cute, or else the mouth-breathing gargoyle from Fifty First Dates, Charlie’s Angels, and Never Been Kissed is a moot point, however valid. The fact remains that, below the neck, she has a pretty slammin’ torso with super-sexy mommy parts. She did pose for Playboy a few years back when she wasn’t looking quite as snarly. Childhood stardom was a bit tough on this chick, and she did manage to claw her way up from a nasty drug and alcohol problem with the help of David Crosby… what now? She has since gone on to become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after starlets and has made a name for herself starting a production company called Flower Films and providing the voice of Brian’s ex, Jillian, on Family Guy. Be all of that as it may, she still looks here -seen at an NBA playoff game back in May- like she was found sleeping in a ditch. Oh well, it looks as though she’s drinking it off with brewskie. Good girl. Now go clean up!

Drew Barrymore Beer 2 560x420

Drew Barrymore Beer 1 560x433