Beer and Boobs with Holly Davidson

beer chug girlI saw this animated GIF over at NextRound this morning, and I figured you folks would like it. However, I was not content to just post it, I had to figure out who it was, and what it was from. notes:

Don’t remember the chick from Beerfest’s name…looks like the same chick as in VanWilder.

So that put me on the trail of Beerfest the movie (more on that in a future post), however that was not the correct answer. The clip in question is apparently from Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj. This note on was a major clue :

The Cockney girl’s character shows breasts in a badminton game, but it was a body double, according to the “making of” featurette. Also, she shows what looks like pokies in a beer chugging contest, but admitted that it was actually peanuts inside her shirt.

The final clue was this quote from Screen It!

Various students participate in a beer chugging contest, downing many mugs of it. That includes Sadie who has beer run down into her cleavage.

A quick check of IMDB led me finally to the name, it is Holly Davidson. If you are still reading this, I am going to have to assume that the animated gif is still loading, or else you really have no excuse. So apparently this is one of the worst films ever made, but at least this one scene seems redeeming enough for a Blu-Ray release doesn’t it? Unfortunately it is only available on DVD. Here is a little gallery of Holly a bit less wet and pokie :