Beer and Boobs with Reese Witherspoon

Sometimes I amaze myself when I stumble across a famous actress blatantly toting a brew. And other times, it’s damn difficult. You’d think, what with all the Hollywood dirty girls and skanks floating around showing off their mommy parts to anyone standing within a yard of their respective vehicles, finding them holding a cup or a bottle of beer really wouldn’t be that tough. Trust me, it really is. But I digress.

Reese Witherspoon Beer

Here we have Tinsel-Town cutie, Reese Witherspoon enjoying a beer. But what’s really funny is the fact that I could honestly care less about the woman in the pic, I’m far more excited about the wonderful choice of brew she’s flagrantly bragging about: Stella Artois. Call me bull-headed and probably a little behind, but this chick hasn’t done anything decent since Legally Blond. And yes, I’ve seen it and no, I’m not proud of that. But just for knowledge sake, let’s take a look at her film career: Okay, she was in Cruel Intentions, Election, Little Nicky, and Walk the Line. Fine, she’s a stunner. Well, kind of. But she is an Oscar Winner! Few of these chicks can say that! In this picture, where apparently she and her dude, Donny Darko, are leaving a venue of some sort -a kick ass venue if it serves and lets you leave with Stella- and she appears to have gone three sheets. Or maybe she’s on ‘E’. Or, well… I don’t know but she looks awfully gleeful and surprised. I’d bet it’s still a shock she’s seeing Jake ‘Brokeback’ Gyllenhaal. Enjoy the beer, girl, you need it.