Beer + Ice Cream = EPIC Win

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Sometimes, when I’m sipping away at a delicious Imperial Stout while watching some horror or football, I ask myself, “What would this tasty pint be like were it to be frozen and served to me via fancy bowl with a spoon?” Well, sadly, I have no idea since I’ve personally never tried it, and I’m pretty sure neither has anyone around my parts (Michigan, that is, not ‘my parts’). But, it appears one group has, and that place is called ‘Frozen Pints Gourmet Ice Cream‘. How friggin cool is that? I mean how could you possibly not love ice cream in and of itself, but even more when it’s constructed primarily from beer? It’s nigh impossible! So here’re a few of the flavors this amazing company has to offer:

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Peach Lambic! Oh how can you go wrong with this one! Lambics are already inherently sweet and very Champagne-like, which I can only imagine translates quite well into a frozen dessert.


Pumpkin Ale! Now we’re talking! A taste of the Fall season featuring the subtle sweetness of pumpkin combined with the tarty-bitterness of an ale! This one just screams after dinner treat!

beer cinn12

Cinnamon Espresso Stout takes the first leap into the seriously dark side of their available flavors. I have had Espresso Stout but not with cinnamon, and I can only assume that this is just ridiculously tasty!

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Now THIS is something worth walking a bed of broke beer bottles for: Malted Milk Chocolate Stout! That name alone conjures images of exactly what my buffet finale in Heaven would look like… just picture dark, chocolate ice cream slathered with rich, delicious stout beer. I am SOLD.

And that, friends, is beer ice cream. Click on the link up there and check out all the cool things these cats have to offer, including a ‘Suggest a Flavor’ option! Now that is sweet. Get it? Sweet? Yeah… just go.