Behind the Scenes with “Tecmo Bo”

Kia Tecmo 560x310While Hyundai and Ford are leveraging their new official NFL partnerships, the folks at Kia have found a different football league to advertise with, Tecmo Bowl! We all remember Bo Jackson’s legendary prowess in that classic game, and we even got the opportunity to ask him about it in our 2011 interview. Now Bo is back playing 8-bit football in a brand new ad campaign :

Holy shit that’s awesome, it brings back so many memories. Bo Jackson driving a Kia Sorento into Tecmo Bowl Stadium might just be the commercial of the year. They didn’t stop there though, nearly 30 years after crossing paths in Seattle, Bo Jackson and Brian Bosworth take the field once again together, but this time Bo doesn’t run over the “The Boz”

When it comes to advertising, nostalgia gets us every time, and these new commercials are right in our wheel house. So today we’re delighted to present a special “Behind the Scenes” video, featuring interviews with Bo Jackson, Brian Bosworth, and more…