Bell’s Java Stout

Bell’s Java Stout – “Stout Brewed With Coffee”

Bell’s Brewery, Inc. – Comstock, MI, 49053

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Information: (Site) “The satisfying elements of both stout and coffee come together in this full-bodied treat. A marriage of Sumatra’s best with rich chocolate and roasted malt provides for a truly enlightening beer”

Before I even go on, let me ask this: is it really possible to mess up a combination of coffee and beer? I don’t yet know, but I sure hope not because these are literally the two beverages I could spend the rest of my life sustained on. I know Bell’s pretty well. I live near it, have frequented it many, many times, and have tried nearly all of their flavors. This one, however, is something new. Let’s find out how this duo jives, shall we?

With a smell an eclectic mix of ‘diner-style’ aromas meeting the rich, chocolaty scents of a nice stout, I’m already intrigued. Wait, so what’s this ‘diner-style’ smells I’m speaking of? Well, the coffee of course! It has that tangy, lofty aroma of fresh brewed coffee that so frequently wafts through all good diners. Very nice. The head was a rich and creamy froth that has, since the dark and inky pour, subsided into a light, white top. I almost feel like I ought to be stirring this with a spoon, on top of the fact that it had a really thick pour.

It is an interesting combination, to say the least. The flavors are just enough separated to single out each one on its own, though they do mix rather nicely over all. It is a joint effort one would think would happenĀ more often, as the treatment of coffee beans in the raw during the roasting period emit flavors and scents that are very reminiscent of cocoa, and stout is, in and of itself, a very rich and chocolaty beer. The combination should be a perfect match. Though I wouldn’t say perfect, it is a really nice brew. It’s slightly bitter at the end (definitely from the coffee aspect though, as it isn’t a standard stout-hoppy bitterness), following a clean and rich java mouth-feel with only a secondary swirl of the stout before it, too, kicks in. It has a complex roll of flavors on the tongue, and doesn’t disappoint at its completion. Quite nice. For a food pairing, since I’m eating candy with it -chocolate candy- and it blends beautifully, that’s what I’m saying. It has a nice dessert quality. Delicious.

Rating: * * * *
Though likely a bizarre blend for the uninitiated, after a few sips, it becomes a tasty treat indeed.