Funniest 2009 Super Bowl XLIII Commercials

Super Bowl Commercials are typically some of the most creative and humorous commercials you will see all year. This year was no exception, as a couple of new gems were dropped on the public at a cost of $100,000 per second. Here are the Top 15 Funniest Commercials, based on my own personal rankings. Did I miss one of your favorites? Do you completely disagree with me? Let me know in the comments section below.

15: : Tips
Too repetitive for my taste, but the Money punchline made it for me.

14: Monster: Need a new job?
Situational Comedy, not bad.

13: Hulu: Alex and Huluwood
Not laugh out loud funny, but pretty clever. End tag-line is pretty good.

12: Bud Light: Meeting
Predictable action but still pretty funny.

11: Teleflora: Talking Flowers
Brutally honest flowers.

10. Coke Zero : Mean Troy
Humorous play on a classic commercial.

9: Pepsi Max: I’m Good
Physical comedy, has its moments

8: Sobe: Lizard Lake 2D
Dancing athletes and Lizzards, mildly amusing

7: Denny’s : Thugs
New version of a recent ad campaign they launched, pretty good.

6: ETrade : Talking Baby – Pair
“Take these broken wings, and learn to fly again”

5. E*TRade : Talking Baby – Golf
“Shankapotomus” = Classic

4: Heeere’s Money
“I could get cash for this gold medallion of me wearing a gold medallion”

3: Bud Light: Swedish
The best of the night from Anheuser-Busch

2: Firestone: Taters
Brilliant commercial, the first one of this list that actually made me physically laugh.

1: Bridgestone : Hot Item
I was already laughing just from seeing Astronauts dancing to Jump Around, before they even got to the punchline.

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