The Best Black Friday Fights Ever

Black Friday 560x219According to history, Black Friday has always been associated with fighting, riots, disasters, terrorist attacks, a financial crisis, and other various acts of violence. So when did Black Friday become the title for first official shopping day of the Christmas season? Who decided to call it something with such a negative connotation? It was revealed in the early 1960’s that police officers in New York and Philadelphia started using that term to describe the first shopping day after Thanksgiving due to the traffic jams and overcrowding that occurs in most retail stores.

They knew then what we see today. Black Friday is a dark, dark time to shop and only the strong will survive. Going into a store, especially Wal-Mart, after Thanksgiving is like traveling to Spain for the Running of the Bulls. The shoppers are mean, cheap, and always in a bigger rush than anyone else in the World so arguments and fights tend to happen all over the country.

Since 2006, seven people have died on Black Friday, three of which were trampled over by mobs of unruly shoppers. Another 98 people have had mild to severe injuries and we expect the counts to continue to rise now that Black Friday shopping has gotten earlier and earlier every year and is now even on Thanksgiving night. In honor of such a sad day for holiday shoppers, we have put together a list of some of the best Black Friday fights we could find.

Kohl’s Fist Fight at the Doors (2010)

Site of Incident: Kohl’s in Jackson, TN

What Happened: One man and one transgender woman, Akasha Adonis, got into a fist fight just moments after entering Kohl’s. This story got even worse when the police failed to be much help once they learned about Akasha’s gender.

It’s A Huge Mall Fight (2012)

Site of Incident: Unknown Mall in 2012

What Happened: It looks as if a quiet Black Friday shopping day quickly became a massive riot inside a mall. It is bad enough when people start fighting over retail merchandise but when two large groups of men begin brawling in the middle of the mall back in 2012, that is just plain disgusting. What deal is good enough to start a riot over?

Was That a Stun Gun? (2013)

Site of Incident: Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia, PA

What Happened: We have very little intel on why these two women were throwing down in the middle of the mall on Black Friday but as you can see for yourself, they really did not like each other. As soon as the girl in grey goes down and is about to be taken out, you can hear the sounds of a stun gun and just like that, fight is over.

It’s Just a TV

Site of Incident: Walmart, Location Unknown

What Happened: Two women started to fight over a digital flat screen TV. Sure, it was extremely discounted and incredibly cheap but at what point in life is it a good idea to fight with two cops just for a TV? She does realize that her court costs are going to amount to the difference in the TV’s sale price and it’s normal price, right?

Shoppers Using Pepper Spray now? (2011)

Site of Incident: Walmart in Porter Ranch, CA

What Happened: A woman trying to get a hold of some dirt cheap Xbox games got to the front of the mob and pepper sprayed the crowd causing chaos amongst the shoppers. As many as 20 people ended up needing medical attention right away.

Victoria’s Secret is… (2014)

Site of Incident: Victoria’s Secret at Westfield Mall in Annapolis, MD

What Happened: As you can see, the woman to the right that was shoved first, responded with a threat which was followed by a beatdown that left many holiday shoppers fleeing for the doors. How much money did they save? Was it enough to find themselves explaining to police what happened?

Stampede at Target (2010)

Site of Incident: Target in North Buffalo (4:00 am)

What Happened: This is why Black Friday is dangerous and should be stopped. These people probably got in line the night before, Thanksgiving night, to be the first one inside that could purchase something at a really low price. But when the doors opened, chaos ensued and the people in the very front were trampled over and stepped on as shoppers ignored their cries for help for several minutes before anyone could get them out.

That being said, the gentleman screaming bloody murder makes his way to the front of the camera in agonizing pain until, like an International soccer star, he realizes no one is looking and he jumps right back into the crowd.

Do you think he ever got the discounted item he nearly died over?

Always Fix Your Hair (2005)

Site of Incident: Walmart in Grand Rapids, MI

What Happened: This video is all sorts of wrong. Yes, the woman in the front fell down and was about to be crushed. However, that gave no right to her husband to shove and violently push every one that was remotely close to her down. He ended up being the reason a young pregnant woman was shoved to the floor and nearly stepped on by the mob of holiday shoppers.

But the husband was doing what any man would have done if their wife was about to be hurt so you cannot fault him for protecting his family.

Another person injured during this mad dash was a 13 year old girl that had to go to the hospital.

Walmart Employee Dies (2008)

Site of Incident: Walmart in Long Island, NY

What Happened: Jdimytai Damour was hired on as added help for the holiday season before this huge crowd of crazy retail shoppers crushed him as they ran across his body. He died of suffocation, according to police.

All the people who stepped on his body that day will forever remember it. You might not know who they were but they will and they will have to live with that guilt of killing an innocent man for some worthless junk at Walmart.