Best Gum Commercials

wrigleys gum 75x75While watching TV the other day, it occurred to me how many gum commercials there have been over the years. Some have catchy jingles, some insist that four out of five dentists recommend that brand, and some are downright funny. So I present to you, the best that I could find:

Airwaves (Wrigley)

Bazooka (Topps)

Big Red (Wrigley)

Big League Chew (Amurol Confections)

Bubble Yum (Hershey)

Bubblicious (Cadbury)

Carefree (Hershey)

Chiclets (Cadbury)

Cinnaburst (Cadbury)

Dentyne (Cadbury)

Doublemint (Wrigley)

Eclipse (Wrigley)

Eclipse Ice (Wrigley)

Extra (Wrigley)

Five (Wrigley)

Freedent (Wrigley)

Hubba Bubba (Wrigley)

Ice Breakers (Hershey)

Juicy Fruit “The Taste is Gonna Move Ya!”


Orbit (Wrigley)

Stimorol (Dandy)

Stride (Cadbury)

Trident (Cadbury)

Winterfresh (Wrigley)

Wrigley’s Spearmint (Wrigley)


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