Best Mask Site for Sex Freaks and Gimps

040310 2 e1273970865541I stumbled upon this site for one reason – the guy made a Sauron mask and I’m a big fan of Lord of the Rings. But what I realized about the rest of his stuff is that it’s pretty much made for sex parties like in Eyes Wide Shut, or for your very own Pulp Fiction gimp. I suppose this is also a good site for costumes for serial killers, but we don’t endorse that here at Gunaxin.

Save up, though, because these handmade items often cost more than $1,000.

The creator is Bob Basset, and his masks and accessories are available on eBay. Also check out Makers Market. He also makes custom orders which is ideal for the rich freaks who can afford their own gimp or can host their own Eyes Wide Shut party.

Below we’ll show you some of his latest stuff which may or may not still be available. Hands off the Sauron mask – that’s mine.