The Best Part of the US/Canada Friendly

Dancing us soccer fan1 560x315For fans of high level soccer, last night’s friendly between the US and Canada promised to be a disappointment. The two teams lived up to expectations, with an uninspiring scoreless tie in the Texas rain. That said, not all the fans in Houston left unsatisfied. One particular fan seemed to be thrilled with the on-field action, breaking out in dance to be caught by the television cameras.

Dancing us soccer fan 560x315There really is a lot going on in this gif besides the dance. There are the awkward smiles of the two women who appear to be with him, the Ohio State fan, and the chain reaction dancing by the people behind our inspired dancer. As to the mystery dance, his joy is evident, as is his patriotism based on his American flag cape.

Dance on your crazy little oddball, dance on.

[Gif via The Big Lead]