Best Sarah Silverman Program Moments

SarahAs the entire world has heard, Comedy Central has CANCELED the Sarah Silverman Program, which ran three seasons. This is horrible news. So let us now reflect on the best moments of the show:

  • Drunk on cough syrup, Sarah gets a DUI for driving her car onto a playground
  • Sarah takes an AIDS test and assumes she is positive before the results are out
  • Sarah pretends to be a lesbian
  • Sarah searches for batteries so that she can use her remote to turn off a TV benefit for sick children
  • Sarah joins a radical anti-abortion group
  • Sarah’s dog is taken away when she is witnessed tasting his butt
  • Sarah puts on blackface to try to prove that being Jewish is harder than being black
  • Sarah starts a relationship with God, who turns out to be needy and insecure
  • Sarah gets high
  • Sarah sues Mongolians
  • Sarah repeatedly runs down bearded pedestrians with her car, mistaking them for Osama bin Laden
  • Sarah wets the bed
  • Sarah becomes homeless after losing her keys
  • Sarah is oblivious to the fact that she is 9-months pregnant, assuming she’s just been bloated
  • Sarah gets engaged to her dog
  • Sarah thinks she has both sexual organs
  • Sarah thinks that she is retarded