Best-Selling Video Games of All Time

newsupermariobrothers 75x7510. New Super Mario Brothers – 18.14 million units

Recently displacing Super Mario Land at #10, New Super Mario Bros. is a side-scrolling platform video game published and developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS handheld game console. The game was released in North America and Japan in May 2006, in Australia and Europe in June 2006, and in Korea in March 2007.

256px wii play europe 75x759. Wii Play – 20.30 million units

Wii Play is a video game for the Wii console. It is the counterpart to the games Wii Sports, Wii Music and Wii Fit. It features minigames that use characters from the Mii Channel. It is the best-selling Nintendo-published Wii game, not bundled with the Wii, with over 20 million copies sold worldwide.

250px super mario world box 75x758. Super Mario World – 20.61 million units
Considered a Super Nintendo “best seller”, “Super Mario World”, created by Japanese designer Shigeru Miyamot, accompanied the launch of the console. Considered a worldwide commercial success, this game, launched in Japan in 1990, became a classic among electronic games.

250px dalmatianfriends 75x757. Nintendogs – 21.60 million units
Developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS game console, “Nintendogs” is a simulation in which the player must feed, care for and play with its virtual dog. Launched in Japan in 2005, this game was created by Japanese Shigeru Miyamoto.

200px pokemon gold 75x756. Pokémon Gold/Silver – 23.11 million units
Launched in Japan in 1999, “Pokémon Gold & Silver” was created by Japanese designer Satoshi Tajiripor and developed by Nintendo for the Game Boy handheld game console. This game sold millions of copies worldwide, surpassing even some o the previous versions by the billionaire company that created Pokémon.

256px duckhuntbox 75x755. Duck Hunt – 28.31 million units
This electronic game developed by Nintendo and produced by Japanese Gunpei Yokoi was launched in Japan in 1984. Considered one of the best selling games of all time, “Duck Hunt” was one of the first shooting games to be very successful.

nes tetris box front 75x754. Tetris – 30.26 million units
Listed as one of the most successful video games of all time, “Tetris” was developed by Russian Alexey Pajitnov in 1984 for a science fair, and was launched by Nintendo in Japan in 1986. Since then, countless other versions of the game were created, but the one for the Game Boy handheld game console became the most popular one.

200px pokemon red box 75x753. Pokémon Red/Green/Blue – 31.38 million units
Developed by Nintendo with the assistance of Japanese designer Satoshi Tajiri, “Pokémon Red & Blue” (in the USA) and “Pokémon Red & Green” (in Japan) is the first game in the series to have become a huge hit among users. Launched in Japan in 1996, this electronic game was followed by several others, derived from it.

250px super mario bros box 75x752. Super Mario Bros. – 40.24 million units
Portrayed in the Guinness Book of Records as the top-selling video game of all time, “Super Mario Bros” has now fallen to #2. It launched in the USA in 1985 by Nintendo, and is considered an electronic games’ classic. Created by Japanese designer Shigeru Miyamoto, it was revolutionary in its time, inspiring countless sequels.

250px wii sports europe 75x751. Wii Sports – 41.65 million units
Developed by Nintendo for the Wii console, “Wii Sports” brings several sports, such as tennis, golf, boxing, baseball and bowling. This electronic game, launched in the USA in 2006, was created by Japanese Katsuya Eguchi and just recently passed Super Mario Brothers for first on the all-time list.

Today marks the first installment from a new Gunaxin contributor, Sam I Am. Sam creates great lists on the site Redux, and we will be featuring several of them here on Gunaxin. The first is the Best-Selling Video Games of All Time, which has been updated to reflect the latest sales data available.