Best Songs About Rough Sex

songs about rough sex

It’s hard to find a good freak these days. You know, without checking Craigslist. But it’s not hard to find a good song about rough sex. In fact, about 90% of all rap songs are about just that. But since we can only stand so much rap, we’ll limit the list to mainly rock. Did we miss your favorite? Name it in the comments.


User Friendly
Marilyn Manson

One of the funniest chorus’s in rock:

“I’m not in love, but I’m gonna fuck you ’til somebody better comes along.”

Freakiest lyrics:

Use me like I was a whore
Relationships are such a bore
Deleted the ones that you’ve fucked

User friendly fucking dopestar obscene
Will you die when you’re high
You’d never die just for me
She says,
“I’m not in love, but I’m gonna fuck you
’til somebody better comes along.”


22 Acacia Ave
Iron Maiden

This song is really more about a prostitute named Charlotte than rough sex, but one verse really gets into it.

Freakiest lyrics:

Beat her, mistreat her
Do anything that you please
Bite her, excite her
Make her get down on her knees
Abuse her, misuse her
She can take all that you’ve got
Caress her, molest her
She always does what you want


Beat it Upright

Korn makes no bones about it. This is what Jonathan Davis and company like to do.

Freakiest lyrics:

Are you ready for a good pounding baby? (get down)
Are you ready to get it on? (get down, get down)
Don’t pretend you’re not fucking freaky baby (get down)
I will spank that ass just for fun (get down on the ground)

Ass up high
Make a motherfucker cry
It’s so good that I could die
Help me stay alive


Nine Inch Nails

Can Trent Reznor be any more blunt about what he wants?

Freakiest lyrics:
You let me violate you
You let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you
You let me complicate you


Rough Sex
Lords Of Acid

The title of this song pretty much means it gets a spot on the list.

Freakiest lyrics:

Love; love is the answer
Whoa-woo-oh (x4)
When I think about love
don’t think about bright moons
twinkling stars
red wine
silent whispers
holding hands
secret love letters
I’m thinking about
pure sex, deep sex,
hard sex, rough sex


Figured You Out

A lot of people find Nickelback to be annoying. Fair enough, but they’ve got at least one song about rough sex.

Freakiest lyrics:

I like your pants around your feet
I like the dirt that’s on your knees
And I like the way you still say please
While you’re looking up at me
You’re like my favorite damn disease


Crazy Bitch

Freakiest lyrics:

You’re a crazy bitch
But you fuck so good, I’m on top of it
When I dream, I’m doing you all night
Scratches all down my back to keep me right on


I Like it Rough
Lady Gaga

Freakiest lyrics:

Won’t go without my fix tonight,
It’s a little too rough.
Prom girl wipes her tears with silver lines.
And she can’t get enough.


Sex Type Thing
Stone Temple Pilots

Freakiest lyrics:

I am, I am, I am
I said I wanna get next to you
I said I’m gonna get close to you
You wouldn’t want me have to hurt you too, hurt you too


Fuck Her Gently
Tenacious D

I hate this song, but it is about the subject, so it gets a place on this list.

Freakiest lyrics:

But ill order it from Zanzibar
And then I’m gonna love you completely
And then I’ll fucking fuck you discreetly
And then I’ll fucking bone you completely
But then I’m gonna fuck you hard