Best TV Images From the Week That Was

images header1 560x307I really dug assembling last week’s “Best TV Images” post, so I decided to make it a regular feature, or semi-regular at least. Since I watch way too much television, I’ll endeavor to mix up the shows to keep it fresh and clean, although some will be repeat offenders due to their unbridled awesomeness (*cough Justified cough*). Enough of my incessant rambling, let’s get to the pristine pics.

Eastbound & Down: “Chapter 14″

Kenny "Fuc*ing" Powers is back. And he's tearing up Myrtle Beach both on and off the mound. Getting baked out of his mind with April while riding a Ferris wheel is why Eastbound & Down kicks copious amounts of redneck ass.

images kenny 560x306

Shameless: “A Bottle of Jean Nate”

If you're a fan of Shameless, you've probably been waiting for Amy Smart's Jasmine to make a move on Fiona. I know I have. This titillating opening close-up was a harbinger of the drunken awkwardness to come. Yup, girl-on-girl liplock.

images bottle 560x314

Luck: Episode 4

Few things in all of sports match the heart-pounding excitement of a longshot thoroughbred surging to the front to win a race. If you truly appreciate horse racing, then you know what I'm talking about. Watching Gettin' Up Morning blow past the field was a sight to behold in Luck's fourth installment.

images luck2 560x314

The Colbert Report: February 21

This isn't particularly impressive on a cinematography scale, but seeing Colbert unapologetically letting his nerd flag fly never disappoints. With help from some wacky special effects, the Green Lord of the Sith welcomes apprentice Darth Bama into the Super PAC fold.

images colbert 560x315

Life’s Too Short: Episode 1

British comedy imports are usually solid, especially ones created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Their latest, Life's Too Short, stars Warwick Davis as a "showbiz dwarf" on the downside of his career. Davis finds himself in plenty of cringe-inducing situations, like this failed attempt to enter his ex-wife's house via the doggie door.

images short 560x296

Californication: “Here I Go Again”

Californication isn't nearly as good as it was four seasons ago, but you can never criticize the show for its choice in eye candy. This season alone we've been treated to Natalie Zea, Meagan Good and sexy newcomer Camilla Luddington, who plays Lizzie the nanny. Her birthday suit exit from the pool was my penis's favorite moment of the week.

images nannie 560x307

Justified: “When the Guns Come Out”

Limehouse might not be the scariest baddie on season 3 of Justified, but he's damn sure the most calculating. While he prefers to work his puppet strings from the sidelines, it seems only a matter of time before he starts getting medieval. This shot of him meticulously gutting Porky is appropriately foreboding.

images guns 560x278

Spartacus: Vengeance: “Libertus”

The best episode of the season thus far saw Spartacus unleash a plan to free Crixus and Oenomaus from execution, and in the process burn the arena at Capua to the ground. This series leaves little to the imagination in terms of blood and violence, as evidenced by this graphic still of sword meeting flesh.

images libertus 560x289