Betty Lichtenstein Apparently is NOT Nurse of the Year

The Colbert Report has great stuff on four nights a week, most weeks of the year. That’s some quality television. But that’s also not exactly new news to most of you. Still, once in a while we feel the need to post something from the show that shouldn’t be overlooked. Sure, we could probably post a clip on this site every night. But this one is special. It is a clip is of Colbert’s Alpha Dog of the Week segment. In it, it details the story of Betty Lichtenstein, a woman who conceived, planned, and shelled out $2000 of her own money to give herself a fake award at a phony banquet from a non-existent organization. Nice! And there’s a special surprise to the story at the end. Check the clip out, as it tells quite the humorous tale that is not to be missed: