Big AZ Sandwiches for Gunaxin Hunger

Eating Big AZ Burger 560x280This is a sponsored blog; while the views expressed here were genuinely ours, consideration was paid to us by AdvancePierre to review this product.

Here at Gunaxin, we like things that are big and bold. If you’ve ever read our About Page, than you would know that Gunaxin is a Native American word that actually means BIG. So when we were approached to try some BIG AZ sandwiches, you know we got excited. These aren’t your typical pre-packaged sandwiches though, they definitely live up to their name. They’re available at convenience stores across the country, and you can find them either in a sandwich warmer ready to go, or in the cold section available to be heated on demand. The good folks at AdvancePierre sent us three varieties of their BIG AZ products, and over the past week, we’ve tried them all.

BIG AZ Cheeseburger

Big Az Cheeseburger 560x280The simplest of the three varieties, the BIG AZ Cheeseburger was our favorite. Each can be heated right in the packaging in just 90 seconds, and it emerges piping hot. We added some ketchup to ours, but you can obviously dress it as you see fit. This isn’t the tiny “value menu” cheeseburger you might get at a fast food joint, this is a legit man-sized burger.

BIG AZ Kickin’ Jalapeno Burger

Big Az Jalapeno 560x280If you prefer your burger with more spice, this is definitely the BIG AZ sandwich for you. To be honest, it was a bit much for us, so we decided to remove the Jalapenos. Just the spicy pepper-jack cheese was enough to satisfy our need for heat. Don’t allow that to scare you though, this burger is bursting with spicy flavor and some people love that.

BIG AZ Country Fried Chicken

Big Az Chicken 560x280Lastly we come to the Country Fried Chicken sandwich, with chicken just the way we like it, bigger than the bun. We added some BBQ sauce to ours and thoroughly enjoyed it. We found that BIG AZ chicken patty to be the most filling of the three sandwiches we tried.

BIG AZ burgers and sandwiches have been awarded the convenience store consumer’s choice award year-after-year and for a good reason… they taste great, they’re a good value, and you get to grab-em-n’go any time of the day or night. So next time you’re looking to satisfy that size-matters, any-time-of-day, taste-craving appetite, swing by the nearest convenience store, and tell-em you want a BIG AZ burger or chicken sandwich.

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out the BIGAZ Facebook page where there’s lots of people talking about their BIG AZ sandwiches. Also, be sure to check out the other varieties and nab your $1 Off Coupon from AdvancePierre.