Big Game Snack Tips with José Olé

Jose Ole Taquitos 1 560x280For the second year in a row, the folks at José Olé® challenged us to share our ideas for serving their tasty products for a big game party. Last year we went big by showing you how to build your very own Snack Stadium. Admittedly that project is a bit ambitious for the average guy, so this year we wanted to share some easier tips for your big game snacking needs. Let’s be honest, if you aren’t making fresh taquitos from scratch, it’s because you’d rather spend your day in front of the television than slaving away for your guests. So our spicy serving suggestions below can literally be completed in 15 minutes.

Cheese Covered Taquitos

Jose Ole Taquitos 2 560x280Our first tip is something we actually tried for the first time when working on this article, and it worked brilliantly, almost. José Olé offers a variety of taquitos that already contain cheese inside, but if there is one thing we know for certain, almost everything is made even better with more cheese. Our first thought was shredded cheese, but we thought that would be difficult due to the shape of the taquito, and then we stumbled upon various flavors of string cheese. So above you see some jalapeño chedder string cheese, cut in half and laid on top of the taquito.

We put the cheese on before cooking, because we weren’t sure how long it would take to melt. In the photo to the right, you can see that it melted pretty well, and tasted delicious. However as we mentioned, this wasn’t completely successful. The challenge we encountered was that the taquitos are round and tend to roll in the pan, and it’s difficult to balance the cheese on top. So for the game this weekend we’re going to try some methods to keep the taquitos from rolling, and we think our guests will absolutely love some José Olé goodness smothered in cheese.

Taquito and Salsa Bar

Jose Ole Taquitos 4 560x280Big Game snacking tends to be a bit of a grazing situation. At most parties you aren’t likely to serve an entire meal at once, people may fix themselves a small plate once each quarter. So with that in mind we set out to give you an example of how you might satisfy that snacking urge one quarter, with a José Olé Taquito and Salsa Bar.

While there are several varieties of José Olé products that we enjoy, there is a nearly endless variety of salsa out there to further enhance the experience. So we utilized a collection of small dishes to present many choices to satisfy any taste. We then cooked and served our taquitos hot after slicing them in half (diagonally) for even easier snacking. We “garnished” our bar with some football themed napkins and plates, and a football shaped dish full of chips and salsa. The result is an easy and festive spread that won’t cause your guests to miss a single play, or commercial. And that penalty flag? That’s to throw at anyone who double dips, an obvious party foul.

Jose Ole Taquitos 5 560x280Do you want to serve José Olé taquitos at your own Big Game gathering? Visit their site to grab a coupon that will save you $2 on the product of your choice.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of José Olé. The opinions and text are all mine.