The Biggest Bandwagon Fans in Sports

Saints 560x280Consider this scenario : Your team is playing in the NFC Championship. They have tied the game in regulation and are only seconds away from a Field Goal attempt that will send them to the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history. While you sit on the sofa in your lucky spot, your buddies begin their good luck rituals during the final timeout just hoping it helps and the ball splits the uprights. You are all decked out in your team’s colors from head to toe. Behind you is a replica of the team’s stadium, a team blanket, and just about a hundred other team trinkets and collectibles.

As the ball is kicked, everything else stops. The kick is going, going, going… it’s good! The state of euphoria following the victory is so intense, you weep. The joy of finally making it to the Super Bowl and everything it means to you, your family, and your community is never going to be duplicated. Only a true fan knows how this feels.

Hawks 560x280

A typical bandwagon fan will watch the game, feel the excitement and be happy. Some of them might even reach that same level of euphoria because, let’s face it, your team is winning. But where were they five seasons ago when your struggling NFL club was 3-13 and it looked as if nothing was going to ever change? Where were they earlier in the season when the team started 2-2?

Bandwagon fans enjoy winning. That is it. They love being cool and feeling like they support a winner. Who wants to support a loser anyways, right? An easy way to spot them is the day following a championship game. The Bandwagon fans will be first in line to purchase the team gear so they can show off their “support”.

Bandwagon Fans belong in every sport, not just the NFL. But just because a city has the most bandwagon fans doesn’t mean they don’t also have great fans too. Every team in every sport has true fans. This is just a look at the franchises that have the most bandwagon fans. Enjoy.

25. Oregon Ducks (Football)

Oregon 560x373

We start off our adventure in the beautiful state of Oregon in a city called Eugene where the University of Oregon resides. The support of their entire city centers around one key factor, looking cool. The Oregon Ducks football team had its’ first 10 win season in 2000. Since then, they have showcased a new style of football thanks to Chip Kelly. The style is fast, quick, and wears down an opponent’s defense until they have nothing left in the tank.

The fans, however, only talk trash and run their mouths during a winning season, usually before a bowl game or National Title game, which they tend to lose. Look, we love watching your offense. It gives us all anxiety but it is fun to watch. Just don’t try and argue with other fans about how great your team is and that they will win a title. They won’t. Every time someone claims, “This is the best Oregon football team of all time,” they still lose the title game.

If you see someone wearing Oregon Ducks apparel, ask them about the team. We promise you they say they don’t even know who the coach is, they just love the colors.

24. Anaheim Ducks

anaheim ducks 560x362

Speaking of Ducks… If the Walt Disney Company starts a professional hockey team that mirror’s the one from their movie franchises, it is guaranteed to have bandwagon fans. The entire deal for the Ducks was a joke from the start. Disney had to pay $50 million to the LA Kings just to be allowed to have another professional hockey team in the area of them. What is this, the mafia?

The fans have improved but that doesn’t make them any less of a bandwagoner. (New word we made up, it is called slang folks)

23. New York Giants

Any professional sports franchise in the state of New York is going to have trouble with their fan bases. If anything, the New York Giants have the least bandwagon fans in the state. Too bad that is still plenty more than most of the others combined. The passionate fans of the Giants are insane. We are talking nuts. But it is either one end of the spectrum or the other in New York.

This video is the epitome of a bandwagon fan. Sure, everyone wants to celebrate and pretend to have a reason to get drunk on a Tuesday at 9am but she knows of only one player and he doesn’t even play for your team.

22. Duke Blue Devils (Basketball)

duke 560x367

Winning is another way to grow a bandwagon fan base. Duke has been winning for so long, it is hard to tell the difference between a real fan and a bandwagon one. We have found ourselves rooting for the Blue Devils during their better seasons but not because we are bandwagon fans, just because they are likable.

If a team has a legendary coach, they will have bandwagon fans. However, Duke is the only team on our list that has the bandwagon fans we can all deal with. They are usually nice people that just love sports. It is hard to hate a Duke fan.

21. Detroit Pistons

pistons 560x372

Ron Artest made one mistake in his career, he went into the stands during a game in Detroit and got into a fight with some Piston fans. He then came back down to the court and punched another Piston fan in the face. But the fans began the problem by escalating it with throwing things at him. Ron Artest was simply laying down until a fan tossed an entire cup of soda at him. Keep it classy Detroit.

It was a scary moment for sports fans to watch but the fans thought it was OK to continue to fight back and throw things as the players and coaches left. That is just one example of why Detroit fans are bandwagoners. They show up after a win, not before. They don’t go to the games until the Pistons are winning and they are so quick to cut and run, it is comical.

The Pistons won a few titles, so their fan base has grown but since the years of Rip Hamilton, Ben Wallace, and Chauncey Billups, the Pistons fans have left the building.

20. San Antonio Spurs

spurs 560x372

We hate to do this but someone has to. The San Antonio Spurs just might be one of the best franchises in all of sports thanks to a fan base that has grown every year since 1999. But the fans are growing because the team is winning. What happens when Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu, and Greg Poppovich retire and the Spurs have to rebuild? It is coming and it is coming quickly fans. So be ready.

Thanks to the Admiral, David Robinson, the Spurs have become winners and the fans have supported them but they haven’t experienced anything close to what the Saints fans went through for 30 years or what the Cubs fans are still dealing with.

19. Denver Broncos

We decided to post this video of the final play of this past season for the Denver Broncos. Did you hear anything? That is the 75,000 fans booing their own future Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning. Do we need to remind them he is 38 years old and playing better statistically in Denver then he ever did his entire career? Oh and he missed a season due to a neck injury just three years ago. Also, he brought the Broncos offense to a whole new level.

If you were curious why Denver fans are being listed here today, it is because they are usually too high to find their way to the field anyways. We are kidding, marijuana doesn’t have anything to do with memory loss. But seriously, from the moment John Elway walked onto the field, the bandwagoners started to show up.

18. Cleveland Cavaliers

cavs 560x320

Unless Lebron James has plans to leave Cleveland for the third time in his career, he is going to retire a Cavalier. The fans hated him for so long, he had to have security on the court the first time he returned to play Cleveland. They burned his jersey on live TV, wrote hate letters (even the owner wrote one of those), and cursed his name. Then he announced he was returning and all was forgotten.

It’s like dating a beautiful woman and she cheats on you so you break up with her, curse her name, and make everyone hate her. But then she apologizes a few weeks later and wants to come back so you smile and take her in. Don’t forget that anywhere Lebron James goes, the bandwagon fans will follow.

17. Philadelphia 76ers

76ers 560x373

Since 2009, the 76ers have finished 7th or worse in the East, a conference known for being weaker than the West every year. If you look at their overall finishes, the best they finished since 2009 in the entire NBA would be 16th. They have made the playoffs twice, winning only one series in 2011 against the Bulls and they have had three coaches. That’s right, three.

Last season they finished with 19 wins and this season looks like they will be heading down that same path as they have only 12 wins going into the final three months of the season. They have managed to win 168 games from 2009 until this season, that’s an average of 28 wins a season, less than average.

But we already know about the struggles in Philly, so why tell us? To remind you why their fans made the list. Just because a team is losing doesn’t mean you can jump ship until things get better. No sir. That just makes you a douche bag and a prime candidate for bandwagon fan of the year.

16. Miami Marlins

miami marlins 560x338

Miami isn’t the greatest of sports towns. For example, the Marlins aren’t the only team from South Florida to make this list. The fans are so fickle down there, the only time they show up is during the playoffs. They will literally only sell out games against certain teams and only because their opponents have a larger fan base to begin with.

The Miami Marlins haven’t had a winning record since 2009 and have only made the playoffs twice since it’s inaugural season in 1993. They did happen to win the World Series both times however. To all the fans out there skipping the home games because they think it’s only worth it when your team is winning, give up sports please.

15. Dallas Stars

stars 560x373

Please do not take offense to what we are about to say but, and with all due respect, the fans of Dallas sports are bandwagon fans across the board. Remember, we said with all due respect so we can say pretty much anything and you cannot get upset. So having a NHL team from Dallas making the list is not a big surprise mainly because Texas and ice hockey just does not seem like a great idea to begin with. Most of the fans there go to see the away team anyways. But then Dallas started winning and eventually fans started to support them.

Somewhere between 1967 and the late 90’s, the fan’s for the Dallas Stars started showing up all over the US. Why? No one knows exactly but we think Starter made some pretty sweet jackets and a trend became a fan base.

14. Philadelphia Eagles

eagles 560x315

The fans in Philadelphia are terrible. They are racist, smelly, nasty, and bullies. And for what reason? Philadelphia is one of the greatest cities in America. It is the city of Brotherly Love. What the hell? These fans taunt, scream, yell, and physically abuse opposing teams fans all the while their team is getting destroyed. You all remember when the Saints beat them in the playoffs and that one guy decided to spit at a Saints fan for no reason at all. They are sore losers and even worse, they are sore winners. But don’t go telling them any of this, they will want to fight you right there on the spot, even during a live game.

Why are we saying all this? Because if you watch ESPN you might notice the Philly fans aren’t Chip Kelly fans so they are nowhere to be found right now. Typical Philly.

13. Chicago Cubs

cubs 560x367

Just because a team makes a list for having bandwagon fans does not mean they lack a real or true fan base. If anything, it means they have a fan base so large that fake fans begin showing up to show their support even though they lack the knowledge to contribute anything to the organization besides labels and stereotypes.

The Chicago Cubs have one of the best fan bases in terms of loyalty. We know plenty of hardcore Cub fans that could name the first pinch hitter to come off the bench in game three of the 1945 season. But then they have the fans that are first to post a blog or video on how bad the team is each season. Those people that just love to hate are the loudest. The Cubs have one of the largest group of fans in this category by far.

12. San Francisco 49ers

49ers 560x315

When speaking of the 49ers, you need to be careful. From what we know, the fans of the 49ers, bandwagon or not, are pretty brutal when it comes to anyone who does not also love them.

11. New England Patriots

patriots 560x315

As we have said before, it is always easy to root for a winner. The New England Patriots are winning and have been since the late 90’s. But before this dynasty, the so-called fans were spending their Sundays down at the duck park. Tom Brady helped grow the fan base but just wait to see what happens when he retires. Make sure no one is standing by a window when he makes that announcement.

10. Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish (Football)

notre dame 560x391

If you asked a so-called Notre Dame football fan why they support the Irish, there is a 90% chance they say it is because they were raised on it. Either their parents were fans or family members, either way, it was handed down. It’s almost not even a choice for most of these people, they had to cheer for the team that gets Nationally ranked every season regardless of, well…anything. Notre Dame is going to be ranked in the top ten every football season and that also entices the bandwagon fans to come.

9. Seattle Seahawks

seahawks 560x333

Prior to the 00’s, Seattle Seahawks fans were spotted singing Steve Miller songs in the quad, not going to NFL games. It wasn’t until the Shaun Alexander/Matt Hasselback days of yore that the bandwagon parked itself at the front doors of CenturyLink Field. It is now nearly impossible to have an educated conversation with a Seahawk fan because they always revert back to the Super Bowl win a couple years ago and they have been fans since 1969. Just wait until they lose 10 games if you think we are crazy. You can buy tickets at the gate for two seasons after if they drop 10 games.

8. LA Dodgers

dodgers 560x415

The fans are about as real as the chests in Playboy magazines. We are sorry but 90% of the people at a Dodgers game were either given tickets, are celebrities, or are trying to impress a potential client/girl so they bring them to the game. It has been 27 years since the Dodgers have made it to the World Series. All those fans that they had in the 1960’s through 1980’s have all gone away until recently when they started winning again. If you lose support when you are losing, it is hard to argue that the fans are real. 75% of the fans do not even live in California.

7. Detroit Red Wings

red wings 560x315

Since 1989, the Detroit Red Wings have made the Stanley Cup Playoffs every single season. During that run they also won four Stanley Cup Trophies and have had a laundry list of awards, titles, and honors granted to them. The fans prior to 1989 can go ahead and move on, this is not about you. The bandwagon

6. New York Yankees

yankees 560x400

Winning makes it easy to grow a fan base. Winning championships makes it even easier. The New York Yankees have done both for almost 100 years by spending all the money they needed to buy one.

The fans that want to cheer for the Yankees belong in New York. Trust us. There is no other place on the globe that a New York Yankee fan belongs besides back home or back in the place those fans claim to be home. How can you possibly skip over twelve teams from here to New York to chose them as your favorite? Because they win. That’s the only reason douche.

5. Kentucky Wildcats (Basketball)

kentucky 560x372

The Kentucky Wildcats are one of the most hated teams in college sports. Period. It has nothing to do with the countless McDonald’s All-American’s that flock to them just for a chance at a quick National Title before a long NBA career. It has become a one stop shop for all the kids in high school that need to play one year of basketball before being drafted first overall in the NBA Draft. So yes, people hate that.

The fans are fun though. It is a good mix of bandwagon and diehards making it very hard to rank them this high on the list. However, thanks to a recent encounter with a few guys that claimed to be diehards, we were reminded just how terrible the bandwagon fans are.

Let’s just put it this way. One guy said Anthony Davis will bring them another title this season and the other guy said it was a rebuilding year. Oh and they were wearing Kentucky basketball shirts. Awesome!

4. LA Lakers

lakers 560x360

If we have to see another celebrity texting or shaking hands and making deals during a live game, we just might throw the TV out the window. Who cares in LA? Everything is fake, every one is selfish, and nothing is older than 1950. They only history they can discuss is all the titles the Lakers won. Cool story bro! No one cares about the past.

How many of the fans seated in the front two rows do you think actually know the team’s record or better yet, the score of the game? Also, if you live in New Orleans, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, or anywhere else not in California, please justify why the Lakers are your team with something better than, “They are awesome.”

3. Miami Heat

heat 560x413

“Is Lebron James playing tonight?”

“LBJ scored 50 points last night man! He probably had about 8 assists to D-Wade and Bosh.”

The above quotes were overheard this season by us at two different NBA events. The Heat fans, wearing their jerseys we want to add, were serious and didn’t even know he was playing for the Cavs. That is an extreme case but nonetheless, those fans are why the Miami Heat are so high up on this list.

Who else remembers the fans that left in the 4th Quarter of one of the greatest comebacks in NBA playoffs history? Or the ones that tried to get back in after they were told the score? It honestly doesn’t even matter anymore. All Heat fans have been around since, wait, when did Lebron James sign with the Heat?

Please don’t come to one of our Pelicans games wearing those Heat jerseys like you have been supporting them since 1988, their first NBA season. If you can’t name three players on the roster, go home.

2. Dallas Cowboys

cowboys 560x384

“The Dallas Cowboys are the greatest team in the history of sports. They are going to win the Super Bowl every season until the end of time. Tony Romo is a God amongst men. He is the future and he will lead us to the Promised Land once more. Is it possible to induct a franchise into the Pro Football Hall of Fame? If so, the Cowboys deserve it since they are the best sports franchise ever.” – said every Cowboys fan ever

Then they lose the first game of the season to Philadelphia.

“Cowboys suck. Fire the coach, the management, and trade Tony Romo. We are done. I am not coming to another game again.”

You have seen it so you can attest to it, right?

1. University of Alabama (Football)

alabama 560x306

Sports should require an IQ test to participate as a fan. Not because dumb people don’t deserve to enjoy sports. It’s because the Alabama fans need to be thinned out a little bit. Before they started winning again, 90% of the fans were bagging groceries and eating Thanksgiving dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

Then the combination of winning and the internet happened. There are more videos on Youtube of Alabama fans then any other sports team. Why? Because there is nothing else to do in Tuscaloosa.

We get it. You won a few titles. That doesn’t give you the right to wear a Nick Saban is God shirt and think you are allowed to preach to us about how Alabama wins games. No thank you. We are all better off if Alabama’s fans headed back to the boondocks and turned off the internet.