Bill Engvall’s Aged and Confused

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Of the comedians on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Ron White is the only one I can listen too again and again. Larry The Cable Guy makes me slap my knee and snort. And I appreciate Jeff Foxworthy because he is one of the few popular comedians who doesn’t curse or use toilet humor.

And then there’s Bill Engvall, aka Jeff Foxworthy Jr. Kinda cruel, I suppose, but I listened to all those “Here’s Your Sign” jokes anyway. Fast forward 13 years, and now I’ll admit that Engvall is indeed funny. And now this redneck goofball has yet another DVD out called Aged and Confused, available on Amazon:

Comedian Bill Engvall’s new stand-up comedy special “Aged and Confused” will make its World Television Premiere on Comedy Central, Sunday, November 22nd. Following the premiere, Warner Bros/Jack Records will release “Aged and Confused” on DVD on Monday, November 23rd.

DVD 212x300 Engvall’s first album, Here’s Your Sign was an immediate hit in 1996, and he went on to release Dorkfish in 1998, Here’s Your Christmas Album in 1999, Now That’s Awesome in 2000 and Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography in 2002.

In support of Bill’s latest release, we have a copy of Aged and Confused on DVD for one lucky Gunaxin fan. To be eligible to win, complete these two easy steps:

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